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Are You Ready for Love Seminar



Product Description

Are You Ready for Love Seminar

class  room based workshop

Detailing methods and experience in finding love, you’ll receive an assessment on life and love whilst discovering key elements and concerns in relationships. Introduce yourself to new ways of thinking alongside exercises to help you read signs, develop skills and take so much more.

Course syllabus

Learning to love yourself

Re discover yourself

Learning to be single and happy

Getting over a breakup – how to let go and move on

Are you ready for a serious relationship

How to get back into dating after a long break

reclaiming  your identity

brilliant future

elicit your values

self confidence

discover your true self

increase your vibration and energy  levels

Sometimes, past relationships can leave us with worries about what future relationships might be like. This is especially common if things ended badly, but can also apply even if things ended fairly amicably. Relationships can leave deep wounds – sometimes deeper than we realise.

It can be scary getting back into dating after a long break. Perhaps you’ve been in a relationship or married for years, but have now found yourself single again. Or maybe you’ve decided to try and meet someone having spent a period of time on your own.



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