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This sales training e-manual

sales training

  This sales training e-manual written by Jimmy Petruzzi is designed for those who want to learn how to be successful salespeople, particularly within business to business sales. Successful salespeople who close the deal understand how challenging it can be to do so and understand the theory behind sales and decision-making. This manual will be…


Goal Setting

Goal Setting Get back on track with Jimmy Petruzzi The beginning of a new year is the best time to start fresh and get your life moving in the direction you really want. It doesn’t matter how much money you have or make, or whether you are just starting out or have a successful career,…


Mental Rehearsal

onlien learning

The art of Mental Rehearsal is a technique that Has Been Proven to Get Results, and is used by thousands of athletes, business people and those who want to improve their lives or skills. The reason mental practice has proven to be so successful is because when you imagine yourself performing an action or skill…



effective presentation skills

When defining your goals, consider the following questions to be able to develop goals that are appropriate to your role: • Where am I now? This question provides you with your reason for setting the goal. • Where do I want to be? This is the actual goal itself. • How will I get there?…


Effective Communication within Organisations

Effective Communication within Organisations Effective communication is the key organisations success. Strong interpersonal communication has been associated with such valuable outcomes as increased trust, commitment to the workgroup and organization, shared expertise, and ultimately improved performance. Organizational functioning is dependent upon the communicative relationships among individuals within that organization because these relationships facilitate the dissemination…