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Cognitive reprogramming for Weight Reduction

CR for Weight Reduction seminar Cognitive reprogramming for Weight Reduction Who is this workshop for? Anyone with an interest in how to reduce weight and keep it off Therapists Coaches Teachers Fitness Professionals Health Professionals This seminar is in no way a replacement for any prescribed medication; nor is it intended to contraindicate or supersede…


Asking powerful Questions

Jimmy Petruzzi emotions

Asking Questions By Jimmy Petruzzi Getting to the bottom of what is important to the client requires asking them lots of questions. These questions need to be powerful and really challenge the client to think about what really is the most important priority for them and how different priorities are ordered in their minds….


Language Skills for Coaching

Language Skills for Coaching With Jimmy Petruzzi So our objective for this particular article is that at the end of it you’ll be able to explain the importance of the use of language in coaching, you’ll be able to identify the impact of the way you say things to the person when you’re coaching,…


How to Challenge Cognitive Distortions and create a more Positive outlook

Cognitive distortions are irrational thoughts that influence our emotions. One of goals of CBT is to identify and then dismantle these thoughts. And create a healthier rational outlook in life. Everyone looks at the world differently. Two people can have the sameExperience, yet have very different interpretations of what happened. Cognitive distortions – a concept…