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NLP Foundation skills Diploma in Sport e learning course


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NLP Foundation Diploma in Sport e learning course

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Course Syllabus:

Introduction to NLP

Discover how the mind processes information.

The guiding principles of NLP.

NLP applications to Sport.


Learn how to set a positive outcome.

Discover how to form goals to make them consistently achievable.

Dealing with limiting beliefs, behaviours, thoughts and emotions to enable you to achieve your goals.

Building Relationships with Sports Performers

Learn how to read people.

Become skilled at establishing rapport to gain immediate trust and influence with clients, team-mates and coaches.

Learn how to give effective feedback.

Thinking Styles

Discover how we create our unique models of the world.

Learn how to establish a sports performer’s thinking style and how to use it to enhance performance.

Learn how we structure our experience and how we can change the structure for a more positive outcome.

Mental Rehearsal

Learn how to use mental rehearsal effectively to enhance sports performance.

Learn how to tailor mental rehearsal to the thinking style of the individual sports performer.

Learn how to improve the imagination to enhance performance.

Controlling Emotions

Learn how to tap into positive emotions.

Discover how to eradicate fears.

Learn how to let go of negative emotions.

Master the ability to access the ‘Zone’ consistently.

Full course cost – £270

the distance learning course is exactly the same syllabus as  the class room based course, and also includes access to our dedicated learning enhancement youtube channel http://bit.ly/22H34jB so that you can see techniques and tutorials in action. The course also includes a copy of our head trainer Jimmy Petruzzi’s Best Selling NLP Book.

The NLP foundation diploma e  Learning course is approved and certified by the IANLPC International Association of NLP Coaches) , ensuring your course meets the highest standards, you will receive a certificate from the VITA online training & education and the IANLPC upon successfully meeting course requirements.

All courses contain the full course notes and training material

International Association of NLP and Coaching Certified (IANLPC)Your IANLPC Certificate really counts – it is the world-wide stamp of approval that you have gone through the correct channels to study NLP and that you have been trained to the highest possible outcome. On completion of the course you will receive 2 NLP Sports Diploma Certificates.NLP Sports Diploma E-Course – Just £270 – Study from home in your own time at your own paceStudy the full NLP sports Diploma Course online, the online NLP sports Diploma Course is exactly the same course syllabus as the residential course.Study the course online from the comfort of your own home. Training materials include the full course manual, study guides, and copy of best selling NLP book written by our head trainer Jimmy Petruzzi. You are also welcome to join us on our free monthly practice sessions so that you can watch live demonstartions of the techniques and then practice with other students to build your confidence using your new techniques.

The home study course course is exactly the same syllabus that is taught on the residential courses, the full course syllabus can be found above.

Also included is a recommended reading list. You are encouraged to read widely on the course subject that you are studying, in this way you will gain maximum benefit from the course.

When studying the techniques taught throughout the course it is advisable to get as much practice as possible to really master each technique being learnt.

All course materials are provided, you will receive a student number which is unique to you and the course you are doing, it must be quoted on all correspondence to the training centre regarding your chosen course.

On completion of the course you will receive 2 certificates, one from the VITA online training & education for completing the course and another from the IANLPC.

We also offer all students doing the home study training the opportunity to come along and do some practice of the techniques for the weekend on one of the residential courses at our training centre in Manchester at no extra cost. This greatly enhances learning and enables you to put all of your learning in to practice.

The home study courses are assessed by a written assignment at the end of the course which consists of a question paper and written answers.

There is no time limit for completing the course, it can be studied in your own time at your own pace. Help and support is always available from the training centre team through out your training


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